recommendation report

recommendation report


Date: 16 February 2014

To: Ms Asha, Operational Manager

From: Mr Koh Kim Khang, Assistant Operational Manager



As requested, I am submitting this report to point out the dissatisfaction of customers with the service provided by our company. The information is collected based on the feedback from our official website and surveys from social networking websites: Facebook. So, I would like to propose some suggestion to solve the problems.


The mission of KTM railway services is to be the preferred land transportation system by providing safe, efficient and reliable integrated rail services for people and goods. KTM Company will be competitive and responsive to market needs, achieve goals through a highly trained and motivated workforce using modern technology and process innovation. However, we have received feedback regarding on space provided in trains, unpunctuality of train and dysfunctional of ticketing vendor.

Firstly, throughout our investigation based on customer’s feedback, we found that our train’s unpunctuality is one of the causes for our customers’ dissatisfaction which contributes to their lateness. A railway service should be a convenient and efficient public transport for public, especially for customers who are travelling in city areas. But the trains did not follow the official schedule which published to the public.
Secondly, the seats and space provided per trains cart is insufficient. The insufficient seat and space have caused passengers to stand instead of sitting down while travelling to their destination, particularly for passengers who are travelling for a far distance and passengers who have physical disabilities and are pregnant. Besides that, passengers were forced to squeeze into crowd during peak hour, causing them to feel uncomfortable. Hence, it is...

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