Letter of Recommendation

Letter of Recommendation

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Letter of Recommendation
To Whom It May Concern:

It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that I am writing to endorse the application of Ngap ngap to your Ngap ngap ngap College. During 20 years tutoring at Ngap ngap High School, I have been a Mathematics mentor in the Science Faculty, as well as a supervisor and advisor to many social work students. I hope my perspective will provide an insightful view that helps your evaluation of this exceptional candidate.

My relation with Ngap started 2 years ago, when I recognized her as being one of my successful followers in class Ngap dai`. From the very first day she has outstood other students in her full strength of conscientiousness and smartness, two among most essences that make a genuine Mathematician. She is both sharp-witted and swift-handed in solving problems, always tries to approach the subject from various directions. The work usually fetches amazing answers and, as a result, undoubtedly proves her limitless attempt.

Ngap has a reputation of exploiting her intellectual ability, forcing it to perform at the highest fluctuation. Meanwhile, her balance against tress remains stable, enables her to enjoy every minute of her life. Her commitment to studying and exploring are also displayed in other ways, her industry for example. In addition to the mandatory hours of daily learning, she is motivated to extend these sessions on her own; instead of the quantity of homework she focuses on the quality of her experience after each exercise, and then reaps the benefits.

During the course, she has mastered a healthy sense of skepticism and demonstration. Thus, she does not dogmatize some existing body of abstract ideas such as function or derivative, nor does this manifesto strictly impose on her own concoction. Instead, she discusses a general way of thinking about the visual images and applicable issues of those definitions, because she is intense in both academic studies within the parameters of...

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