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When dartford Borough council recruit internally they may use the following types of advertising media

Internal advertising-
• Word of mouth
Employees can fill out an application from the HR department. Internal advertising process is easy and anyone interested can simply notify their supervisors.

• Staff notice boards
Jobs positions can be found on staff notice boards in break rooms or in staffing areas visable to all staff members.

• Intranet
Organizations can post job positions on the intranet but non computer based staff may not always have access to this media.

External advertising-
• Recruitment Agencies
The council uses recruitment agencies such as,but fees may occur when advertising on external websites in comparison The Job centre provides free advertising for employers currently looking for workforce.

• Online
This is the preferred method of application when applying to a vacancy at the council. This process is easier and faster than traditional methods. in comparison to a local business whom may only use regional newspapers to advertise less skilled jobs.

• Referrals/
The council may have a position which requires a particular skill and the personnel is not currently employed by the organization a third party may refer the persons or recommend a suitable applicant.

Methods of application-
You may be asked to complete a job application, the following methods are how applicants can apply for any job position advertised at the council.

• In person-
Applying for job in person is not complicated, but, you will need to be prepared to apply and interview on the spot.

• Telephone -

• Online –
If you were applying to work for the dartford borough council you could visit their website. Careers information is listed in the "About Us" section of the site. Follow the instructions to applying to jobs online.

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