Research Proposal on Mobile Commerce

Research Proposal on Mobile Commerce

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Research Proposal on
“Mobile Commerce - Effects & Implications”

The objective of this research is to study the life of Mobile Commerce (M-Commerce) from its origin to date. Some of the key areas undertaken for this purpose are the understanding of the issues in implementing M-Commerce in day-to-day life; analyzing the current scenario in different economic & financial areas and industries, the different products, services and applications covered under M- Commerce, the scope of growth for M- Commerce; the future prospects of M-Commerce, the role of marketing in making M- Commerce successful and the feasibility of doing the same. The research also intends to evaluate the role of consumers in the growth of M - Commerce and last but not the least, analyse the role of Electronic Commerce as a base of Mobile Commerce.

Title: Mobile Commerce - Effects & Implications

M-Commerce essentially refers to business to consumer (B2C) transactions conducted with the aid of a mobile device. The core objective of M-Commerce is to access information and conduct transactions that result in the transfer of value in exchange for information, services or products.
The underlying objectives which influenced the selection of M-Commerce as a research thesis are briefly summarised below:
Business: M-Commerce is one of the fastest growing industries globally. The business factors which led me to pursue this subject are broadly categorized as under:
- There has been tremendous growth in telecom markets. While revenues from voice based services are getting saturated, data enabled mobile services are being viewed as the new revenue-earning source by wireless carriers.
- Wireless networks have evolved to 2.5G and 3G; thereby enabling faster data transfer and instant connectivity. This has accelerated the M-Commerce boom.
- The handsets entering markets all support WAP & GPRS technologies. This enables M-Commerce services to reach to a wider audience.

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