Riordan Manufactoring Gap Analysis

Riordan Manufactoring Gap Analysis

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Gap Analysis: Riordan Manufacturing

Gap Analysis: Riordan Manufacturing
“Riordan Manufacturing is a Fortune 1000 enterprise company that produces plastic” (Riordan Scenario, 2008). The company has over $1 billion in reported revenues. The company employees over 550 workers that consist of manual laborers, skilled workers, administrators, professionals, technical employees, sales and managerial staff which includes a wide variety of education, ethnicities, religions, age and family backgrounds. The company has implemented a new strategy resulting in poor work performance and overall work morale. The company must improve its employee relations and retain employees for the new strategy to be effective. Yvonne McMillan conducted a four year survey on the employee complaints. She needed to identify weak areas to help her create a positive motivational program for all employees. Her report pointed to supervisor problems that can be improved with more training. She can see an overall increase in employee complaints company wide. Riordan is experiencing a gap in operations between the new vision and several employee compensation problems. The company must create a rewards system that coincides with the organizational goals and the employee rewards programs. Customers are served by team while rewards and handed to individuals.
Riordan has a few items to handle with the current compensation plan. The company organizational structure, competitors, and employee pay and classifications must be adapted to promote the new business model. The plan must include pay adjustments, bonus programs, awards programs, improved performance evaluations/management, incentives, benefits, job descriptions that include a career ladder program. These improvements through human resources will help Riordan meet the demands of their new business model successfully.
This report will evaluate Riordan’s current...

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