Scott Peterson Trial

Scott Peterson Trial

Great Trials of the 20th Century
Scott Peterson

Cody Bruce

Professor Jon Davis
Spartanburg Community College
English 101
15 September 2009

It is my belief that the Scott Peterson trial verdict was wrong. The evidence that was collected against him was circumstantial at best and for the most part flimsy. Yes, he may have been cheating on her, but many husbands are unhappy in there relationships and cheat but rarely do you see them kill there spouses just because they are unhappy.
His attitude may have pointed towards guilt specifically what he told Amber Frey his extramarital concubine about how he would be spending his first Christmas alone without his wife (Web Sleuth). Put yourself in his place, you are having an affair with a woman you obviously have feelings for otherwise you wouldn’t be having the affair in the first place but you are not going to tell her that you have a wife back home because that would be an immediate turn off to her. Some say he could have told her that he was divorced but still that would of complicated things between him and her. It’s much easier to say you you’re your wife than telling her that you’re divorced or making her feel like she is just a fling because you have your real wife back home waiting on you. So this man was a scumbag for cheating on his wife in the first place but this does not give him motive to kill his wife. Yes, he told her that he had lost his wife but this was only to get him closer to Miss Frey. I can relate from a personal standpoint, often I have told girls that I did not have a girlfriend so that they would be more interested in me. When one says he is committed it’s an immediate turn off to the person of interest. Saying he had lost his wife was the easiest option around and gave him the most advantages.
People say that Mr. Peterson proved his guilt by selling Mrs. Petersons Land Rover and turning there unborn babies nursery into a storage room. Why didn’t he grieve or show remorse...

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