service project

service project

Service Learning Project
Due: Week 9
Points: 200

The focus of this assessment is on the roles and responsibilities of a human services professional through helping others, building interpersonal relationship skills, remaining patient with other people, working with diverse groups of people, demonstrating effective communication skills, and thinking about your own beliefs and values. First year HUS students need to understand what this profession entails and what types of people the Human Services professionals will work with in the future.

You are required to complete a certain amount of hours throughout the quarter helping others in some way. Ideas include: working at the soup kitchen, a senior services living center, a shelter, painting for Habitat for Humanity, or volunteering for other community projects. Your instructor may have each student complete these hours individually or you may complete your hours as a whole class or in small groups. Your direction will come from your instructor.

Upon completion of your service learning project, you will write a reflection detailing your experiences. You are to use at least three new human services terms that you learned. In this profession, it is important to learn the terminology that is used in the field. Your reflection should include the following, but is not limited to:
What were your pre-conceived ideas before starting the service learning project?
Explain your experiences - both positive and negative.
Based on your prior beliefs and values, how did this experience change you? Please be honest.
Discuss the importance in building relationships with others while working in the field of human services.
How did ethics affect your work during the service learning project? If ethics did not play a role in your project, discuss how you think ethics plays a role in the human services profession?
How did it make you feel when working with or for a diverse group of people? What were your biases...

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