Sex in Advetisement

Sex in Advetisement

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Detriments of Fast Food

There are fifty four million people who will go to one of thirty one thousand McDonald’s restaurants and contribute to their twenty two billion dollar revenue each year and this is just one of many fast food corporations that affect the world today (Love, Miller). Many people will go to fast food restaurants to keep up with their busy schedules; others go because they are addicted to fast food. No matter the reason, this can cause many problems. Fast food is a detriment in today's society because it adversely affects both children and adults while competing with healthier mom and pop restaurants.

McDonald’s even had to start some were even being the major corporation they are today. Dick and Mac McDonald were the brothers who started the whole thing. The two brothers started their own burger restaurant and with the new ideas of having food done fast and only selling the basics they became what they are today (Love, Miller). Some of their first ideas started out being only to sell what they made the most money on “by studying their sales receipts for the previous three years they found that eighty percent of their sales were on hamburgers”; so they decided to sell just the basics, and also discovered ways to mass produce these items so that they would be ready when the customers ordered them (Love, Miller 11-29). Like many other restaurants they had pretty girl servers but what put them ahead of the others were there ideals of cheap fast food. They then discovered that the drive-ins were not very cost efficient so they came across the idea of a drive thru by revamping there drive-ins to make them faster. “Our whole concept was based on speed, lower process, and volume,” says McDonald one of the founders of the world famous fast food corporation McDonald’s. “We were going after big, big volumes by lowering prices and by the customer serving himself.” (Love, Miller 10-29). Another idea they had was to cut the burgers portions and...

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