Social safety

Social safety


Social Media & Mobile Technology For End Users

2nd February 2014

This paper aims to discuss the benefits and downsides of social media and how digital vigilantes and the police use social networking to solve crimes, as well as help and prevent them from happening. It will touch on issues such as crowd-sourced policing and it’s implications on cases, whether it aids in the apprehension of criminals or rather as a hindrance to police investigations.

When people speak about crime, they are usually referring to a shoplifting incident, a shooting, selling of illegal drugs or assaulting someone, but crime goes much further than that. According to Oxford Dictionaries, crime is an action or omission, which constitutes an offence and is punishable by law. So when the topic of crime comes up, one shouldn’t think about just stealing or murders, they must realize that something as little as jumping a red light when no ones around is also a crime. This paper aims to discuss the effects of social media on crime, the rise of digital vigilantes and whether or not social media has helped solve crimes and decrease the crime rate. Safety is one of the most important things on people’s minds. No one wants to live in a neighborhood or city, where crime is part of daily life and is embedded in the lifestyle of the residents. ‘According to statistics Canada, after peaking in 1991 the police-reported crime rate has generally declined and it reached its lowest level since 1972 in 2012’ (Statistics Canada, Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics,...

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