Student Survival Guide: Using Axia Educational Resources

Student Survival Guide: Using Axia Educational Resources

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Final Project: Student Survival Guide

Using Axia to its fullest is the purpose of what I am going to write here.

Using Axia’s Educational Resources like the course material, the library, center of writing excellence, student workshops and the teachers feed back. Lets start with the course material, this is the way you can find what you need to know to do and all the reading that is required for one to do as the weeks go by. I would have been lost without this in my favor. The next thing is the library, one will need this for all the research that you will do, so learn this very well. One can also just get a book to read while just sitting doing nothing. I think that the center for writing excellence is wow very good in my book because I am very bad at writing and I think this place has already started to help my writing. So in my opinion I think that if this were not part of Axia I would have not made it this far. Student workshops are a good place to learn how to use different things from the school, like how to use all the different resources that I told you about above.

Axia College has a very strict policy about plagiarism and even stronger consequences if you were caught. When upholding Academic honesty you should first and for most is to be honest with yourself. I think if you are not honest with yourself before school you would not have a chance to keep from cheating in school or in life. Academic honesty is when you do all your own work and not take projects and other assignments from other people. When you uphold Academic honesty one would not let yourself or others cheat on any part of their work. If you see it happening then the honest thing to do is to turn them in. So keep your nose clean and do the work honestly.

This little section is about setting and achieving long and short-term goals. I think when setting goals make them realistic and manageable. If you can’t obtain the goals then there is no use in setting that...

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