Suggestion to the Agency's Mission Statement

Suggestion to the Agency's Mission Statement

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I’m writing to make a suggestion regarding our Agency’s mission statement. Currently our mission statement reads:

The Agency serves America’s Army by providing objective and independent auditing and consulting services. These services help the Army make informed decisions, resolve issues, use resources effectively, and satisfy statutory and fiduciary responsibilities.

I found this tucked away in our Strategic Plan, which is found on the Agency’s Internet site. Personally, I believe that the Agency should have the mission and vision statement as an eye catcher. That is, post it on the front page of our Internet site.

I believe that mission statements are vital to successful organizations. And to be effective, that statement has to come from within the bowels of the organization. Everyone should participate in a meaningful way. The involvement process is just as important as the written product and is the key to its use.

After reading Steven Covey’s book – The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, I found myself pulled in by the emphasis Steven Covey places on organizational success. He mentions how he’s always intrigued whenever he goes to IBM and watches the training process. The leadership of the organization forms a group and says that IBM stands for three things: the dignity of the individual, excellence, and service. These things represent the belief system of IBM. Everything else will change, but three things will not. Almost like osmosis, this belief system has spread throughout the entire organization, providing a tremendous base of shared values and personal security for everyone who works there.

An organizational mission statement – one that truly reflects the deep-shared vision and values of everyone within that organization – creates a great unity and tremendous commitment. It creates in people’s hearts and minds a frame of reference, a set of criteria or guidelines, by which they will govern themselves. They don’t...

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