Survival Guide 3

Survival Guide 3

Student Survival Guide

I have compiled the following information as a student survival guide that will help me succeed as a student at Axia College; it will serve as an essential guide and resource during my college career. In my survival guide the following topics are covered: using Axia’s educational resources, upholding academic honesty, setting and achieving goals, managing time wisely, fostering reading comprehension and retention and applying personality and learning styles.

In Axia educational resources, I will download all the correct resources that I would need to use, Such as Microsoft 2007 edition, adobe reader, and etc. I will need the Microsoft 2007 edition so I can use things such as word, power point, excel, etc. The most one I think I will use would be Word and PowerPoint. The reason why I would use those most is because Word and PowerPoint they are the most important in my assignment. The educational resources have been a very helpful guide to me and it will continue to help me as I continue my journey at Axia College. I will download the materials that I need to not only complete my courses but also help me to be a better student. I have the choice of saving it to audio files so I can listen to it on my Mp3 player. Navigating the university library will help me achieve the goals for my class and my degree at Axia College. The reason why I will learn to utilize the university library is because it is a number one essential needed for my goals. The library is a great tool because it saves time at an library doing hours of research. There are different materials that I can use to help me complete the project such as to thousands of books, articles, magazines and journals. There are three databases to choose from: Ebscohost, ProQuest, and PowerSearch. These are search engines that are used for educational use not like Google.

Upholding Academic Honesty is very important in my survival guide as a student at Axia College by following the...

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