The Decisions Facing Jetblue

The Decisions Facing Jetblue

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What are the decisions facing JetBlue?

The main decisions facing JetBlue is formulating strategies to improve and decrease their threats as well as their weaknesses. Other decisions include discovering new ways to expand their operations, and being more proactive to the future of the company. Considering their competition, JetBlue needs to create different ways on maintain and even increase their clientele during today’s declining economic environment.

Important Factors in JetBlue Decision Making
The company must find a method to appeal to other markets. Besides having a limited market, JetBlue also have competitors who provide similar services and prices. How can JetBlue further differentiate themselves from other airlines if they have similar creative advantages? The company needs to consider reaching out to more demographics and providing their services to other major cities within the United States.

JetBlue Airways was established as a low-fare but high quality passenger airline. They provide premium customer service with luxury amenities. Each plane is equipped with 150 large leather cushioned seats, wide aisle for extra leg room, Direct T.V., satellite radio, wireless internet, and many more features that make this airline unique within its market. JetBlue focuses on serving large metropolitan areas that have high average fares; doing this, they have one of the highest gross profit percentages, which withstand the competition of their top competitors. JetBlue is the leading airline in on time departures and arrivals than any other airline in the industry. They offer both short-haul and long-haul routes that are point-to-point rather than the 'hub and spoke" route system that has been adopted by most major U.S. airlines. To fulfill their social responsibility, they promote environmental sustainability. Reducing their impact to the environment, volunteering in the community, and educating themselves as well as their...

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