The Reflection of Society's Dominant Ideologies

The Reflection of Society's Dominant Ideologies

Media Effect

Much of what we know about ,care about and think is important is base on what

we see in the media. These social institutions present to us and help install in us the

values,attitudes and beliefs shared within our culture.In other words,much of the

content produced by the media reflects the society's dominant

ideologies.Thus,media as an advertisement and all that industry in America,

better or worse, affect our perception of others and particular groups and even can

reinforce our stereotype and prejudice of gender or race.Through our demand as

consumers,the use of advertising in television ,news papers and especially magazines

relay to the public an erratic system of stereotypical information.The system of

information relayed through photographicimagery in advertising directly affects the

thoughts of society,on how women shood look and feel.Thus, mixing stereotypical

women of delicacy and grandeur with sex and sexuality.The mass media has

undeniably become the most influential public consciousness-shaping tool.

Unfortunately, as media plays a prominent role in highlighting situations in our

society, media stereotypes become inevitable.One of the most notable negative

impact that advertisement has to audience is enforcing gender representation

,musclinity and feminism.

Here,I examine the women appealed in patent medicine advertisement in the late

nineteenth century-a good example of advertisement refelecting a social ideology.

One scholary jornal shows the woman ,Lyndia Pinkham who had invented full of folk

remedies among them a cure for female complaints.She officially organized The

Lyndia E.Pinkham Medicine Company in 1876,with her son Will Pinkham as the

official propietor and Lyndia making medicine.She also answer the letters , wrote the

early advertising copy and wrote four-page "Guide for Women".Then Dan wanted a

picture of a...

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