There Is No Hope in Perfect Research

There Is No Hope in Perfect Research

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There is no hope of doing perfect research
Let us analyze the statement that there is no hope of doing perfect research. To contemplate any argument on the mentioned statement would require proper insight into the meaning of the word research. Research is stated to be detailed academic discourse, examination or scrutiny of intellectual material. In other words Research is understood to be the search for or evaluation of facts and figures that are aimed at discovering a particular theory or explanation of some logical topic (Merriam, pp. 120–158). The statement may be valid for a number of reasons.

Contemplate what life would be like if research was conducted perfectly: people would be using huge cell phones, television would have been in black and white and laptop computers would never have existed. There could have been many other things so the list is exhaustive. Conducting perfect research means that there would be no margin of error and hence no reason to improve beyond current circumstances. This is turn would mean that information would be constrained and the daily living conditions of the individual would have been a much greater challenge.
Research has many compulsions (Scientific or Academic research) that inherently make it near to impossible to conduct research with perfection. Any research that is undertaken must be conducted according to strictly defined parameters such as period of time, finances and the technical requirements that are necessary to conduct research. If these parameters are not followed in totality, and then the research efforts go to complete waste (Merriam, pp. 120–158). In each and every research endeavor, there has to be a defined list of purposes, progression and consequence which constitute the research proposal.

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Research is an academic struggle for the quest for knowledge and also an end product...

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