underage driving

underage driving

Underage driving is extremely dangerous and illegal. Not only is it a really stupid thing to do, it's hazardous to yourself and the community.

You are required to take drivers education for a reason. That reason is it teaches you how to be safe on the road. Even if you think you know everything about driving and that you don't need to take driver's education, you are dead wrong. I thought I was an excellent driver and that everything would be fine. I had no idea how wrong I was.

By driving without a license and being underage it caused not only unwanted stress for me, but my family. They had to worry about the financial problems and if things had been worse I could have been hurt or even killed. I am lucky that didn't happen.

It's dangerous to the other people on the road too. By not even having a driver's education I could have easily done something out of panic, hurt someone, or ruined someone's car like what I did.

Underage driving will always lead to stress, whether or not you get caught. I was so worried after what happened; I was scared out of my mind. I couldn't sleep and I could barely eat. I didn't know what was going to happen to me. I also couldn't take how disappointed my parents were in me. They didn't deserve what I did and even if they have forgiven me I still owe them.

Here are reasons not to drive without a license: danger to me, danger to others, don't want my parents to be mad, don't want to go to court, financial issues, danger of losing license until eighteen, teens are more likely to get in accidents than adults, don't want to disappoint my parents and family, don't want to lose parents trust, not experienced enough to drive on road, and other situations and problems I don't want to encounter again. Plus it's illegal. Driving without a license is someth


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