unit 2 assign 3

unit 2 assign 3

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omposition II: Week 4

Warm up activity: Read Calling Blue: And on that Farm he had a Cellphone on pages 138-139 of Perspectives on Argument.

Graded Activities/Assignments for this week:
Assignment Date Due Grade
Unit 4, Assignment 1: Toulmin Analysis Week 5
Quiz Today (Week 4)

Checklist for this week:
*Participate in Power Point: Toulmin Analysis
* Complete worksheet in this packet: UNDERSTANDING TOULMIN’S TERMS: Claim or Support?
* Participate in small group activity: Toulmin Analysis
* Complete Unit 4 Assignment 1: Toulmin Analysis
*Read chapter 4
*In-Class quiz (Open book, open note)


Directions: Read each statement below. Does it function as a claim, or as support for a claim? Mark the correct answer for each statement.
Claim Support Statement

The obesity rate for children between the ages of six and eleven has more than tripled in the United States in the last thirty years.

Preventing childhood obesity should be the shared responsibility of government, schools, and parents.

Before the 1990s, only 4% of new cases of Type 2 Diabetes were children, but now almost 45% of new Type 2 diagnoses are pediatric.

To stop the problem of childhood obesity, children must exercise more.

We have to make fresh fruit, vegetables, and other healthy meals and snacks more available to children in school.

Parents ought to be required to take classes in proper nutrition, to keep their children from becoming obese.

Less scheduled physical activity during the school day contributes to the childhood obesity problem.

Research shows that the main cause of increasing obesity in children is that they take in more calories than they use through daily physical activity.

Parents need to restrict non-physical activities such as watching television and playing video games if they want their children to be healthy and active.


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