Why I Came to College - title

Why I Came to College - title

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Why I Came To College
Everyone has their own special story, and past events usually lay the foundation for their future. But I’m just your regular, average college senior, who has to deal with the hardships of teenage life, but my story though, is one that should be rivaled for many years to come. I don’t want to sit here and bore you to death with everything that has happened to me in my life, I’ll just welcome you to my 18 year old mind, and let you in on why I came to college and what I plan to do to better myself and overcome the hardships that I have been through.

Starting out, I have been influenced by many family members that going to college would be a great experience for me as I set out onto my life in adulthood. As a child I always had the goal of graduating high school, but as I grew older and watched my family members struggle through this rough recession I realized that to have the chance of living a decent life in these trying times, I need to further my education by at least attaining a four-year degree from a college or university. That’s why I am currently enrolled at Bethune-Cookman University where my major is computer engineering, it has always been a dream of mine since I was a youngster to attend this school because of my previous family members that attended and received degrees from here. In addition to attending this great HBCU I have also been enlisted into their army ROTC program. I chose to make this commitment because I would like to further my education by coming to college and continuing the sense of discipline, loyalty, and camaraderie that JROTC had taught me already in high school.

When I look back on my life in 30 years, it shouldn’t be hard for me to consider myself successful. After graduating college and upon completing the ROTC program I will be commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the world’s greatest fighting force, the United States Army. I myself though, don’t believe in starting something and then...

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