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Science covers the study of science and anything science related. This includes all different forms of science such as Chemistry, Biology, Astronomy etc

  1. Why I Like Having a Dog

    Okay, so I’m not going for a big opening post, I’m really just trying to get used to doing this at all. Over the past couple of days I’ve had several random thoughts about how much I like my dog. This is odd because I have always been a die hard cat person (which as my husband always says,

  2. Rocky

    Optical Telescopes Optical Telescopes -- The purpose of a telescope is to collect light and then to have the image magnified. The larger the telescope's main light-collecting element, whether lens or mirror, the more light is collected. It is the total amount of light collected that ultimately

  3. Analysis of Oscillation Frequency

    The focus should be equivalent to 9.1 Hz. However, we are broadcast in 8.4 oftenness Cycles per second . This may be a defect in the effort to call , which is often characterized by tolerance ➧ 20 %. In this figure , now follows oscillator and color Bloich substrate potential difference (

  4. biology project

    Define pollution, pollutants (give examples). State their effects on man & the environment. Pollution is the presence of a substance or thing that has harmful or poisonous effects to the environment. Pollution is very unhealthy for people to live in as it causes disease and viruses. Pollution

  5. Retelling of Sindbads last Voyage

    Retelling of the last Voyage of Sindbad the Sailor For many years after my return I lived joyfully in Oman, living the active lifestyle of an ex-mountain climber waking up at 5AM every day jogging in the beach for an hour returning back home, taking a shower then eating my oatmeal and then

  6. The Need of a New Career

    Susan G. WANTED: Scholarship Association willing to award a mature and hard working student a position to attend the school in Fall 2008.  Will demonstrate to be worthy of investment through diligence, dedication, and determined work ethic. Am ready to work hard and succeed. Asking for an

  7. Relationships of Animals Dentitions and Their Diets

    Aim: To find out the relationships of animals dentitions and their diets. Background Research: Teeth are found in mouths of many mammals and vertebrates. They are mainly used to tear, scrape, milk, and chew food. Some mammals also use teeth to hunt or defend itself. Teeth are used by

  8. The Hardest Things Done

    Introduction My project changed many times. It started from the point that I didn’t even know what a hull was. From that, it evolved into the hardest things I have done in my life. The original question was ‘Does the hull of a boat affect how much water goes into a boat in a storm’, I thought

  9. Mental Status Examination

    The Mental Status Examination According to Keltner (2007), the MSE has a number of categories which help organizes the information gained during a patient assessment including: General Appearance: Type, condition and appropriateness of clothing (for age, season, setting), grooming,

  10. Evolution Essay

    Some say we evolved from a monkey. Others say a Creator. What do you think? The Creation-Evolution Controversy has been disputed ever since we asked the question “Where did we come from?” For too long, people of religion and science have debated on which stands more true. I think it’s time to

  11. The Effort to Discover

    Respested Principal, Professors , Judges And all my dearfriends Science (from the Latin scientia, meaning "knowledge" or "knowing") is the effort to discover, and increase human understanding of how the physical world works. Using controlled methods, scientists collect data in the form of

  12. Global Energy

    The energy industry consists of the oil, gas, coal and consumable fuel, and the energy equipment & services industries. The oil, gas & consumable fuel industry values reflect revenues generated from exploration, production, refining, marketing, storage & transportation of oil, gas, coal and

  13. Bio. Vocab

    Chapter 3 Vocabulary: Carbon skeletons- the chain of carbon atoms that forms the structural backbone of an organic molecule. Hydrocarbons- a chemical compound composed only of the elements carbon and hydrogen. Functional groups- the atoms that form the chemically reactive part of an organic

  14. My Race and My Community

    Race and My Community Prassedes Ciappolino Williams ETH/125 Axia College of the University of Phoenix In late 2007, I, along with my mother, moved to Raleigh North Carolina to be with my future husband. I was pregnant and had high hopes for the future. I had recently gotten

  15. Jeffery Dahmer

    In life there are many events that take place to help mold a person’s character, whether its good or bad. Jeffery Dahmer A.k.A the “monster” had a terrible childhood. He was neglected by his father and then molested by the next door neighbor. When his parent split up he needed something to help

  16. On Being the Right Size

    On Being the Right Size In his article, “On Being the Right Size”, J.B.S. Heldane explains his theory on everything having a perfect size. He states that animals will not be able to follow their normal living habits if they were enlarged or reduced more than three times, in the case of large

  17. Natuaral Resource Shortage

    Humans consume, discard, poison, and waste water without considering the long-term consequences. Supplying enough water in the right quantity, at the right time and in the right place has always been a concern. All life depends on water. Water is as important to life as air, food and sunlight.

  18. Microscope

    Introduction The microscope is one of the principal tools of the scientist. Because objects can be very small, a microscope is often used to view them. Without the microscope, many of the great discoveries of science would never have been made. Microscopes were invented during the late

  19. System of Inquiry Paper

    System of Inquiry Paper PHL 323 University of Phoenix System of Inquiry Paper The United States has been increasingly concerned with the ethical changes or lack there of that seem to be plaguing our business corporations and work environment more and more. The question of the use

  20. Biology Outline

    OUTLINE CELL WALL o Found in many organisms, including plants, algae, fungi, and nearly all prokaryotes. Animal cells do not contain cell walls. o Lies outside the cell membrane. Most cell walls allow water, oxygen, carbon dioxide and other substances to pass through. o The main

  21. The Human Genome Project

    The Human Genome Project October 29, 2008 By Tracy Pliszka The Human Genome Project (HGP) officially began in October of 1990 and was said to have been completed in 2003. It was supposed to be finished

  22. All About Ma

    When I was reading the story “When ordinary people achieve extraordinary things” I thought this story was inspiring because its gets people to do good things without having to be awarded. We could make positive changes by helping to stop bulling, stand up for those in need, don’t cyber bully

  23. How to Select a Fruit Tree

    What to Look for when Buying a Tree Although the process of growing and caring for a tree is generally challenging and even difficult at times, sometimes one of the hardest parts is choosing which kind you want. You have to choose between the many sizes, fruit, and other attributes. The

  24. Registered Nurse

    Personality says a lot about a person, also extremely important to have certain styles when it comes to being a nurse. For one, you need to have the concern for others; being understanding toward your patient is extremely helpful. You need to be a dependable person; people are relying on you to

  25. Lesson Plan

    LESSON PLAN Lesson Title: march, wheel, halt and step short in quick time | Training Objective: | References: Manual of Land Warfare Part 3 Volume 3 Pam 1. | Stores/Aids: nil | Location: parade ground | Date/Time: week 9, 9th of September 2013 | Safety Precautions (if applicable):

  26. What Is Pi?

    What is pi ( )? Who first used pi? How do you find its value? What is it for? How many digits is it?By definition, pi is the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter. Pi is always the same number, no matter which circle you use to compute it. For the sake of usefulness people

  27. chemistry CAPE syllabus

    CARIBBEAN EXAMINATIONS COUNCIL Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination CAPE ® CHEMISTRY SYLLABUS Unit 1 - effective for examinations from May/June 2007 Unit 2 - effective for examinations from May/June 2008 CXC A11/U2/06 Published by the Caribbean Examinations Council

  28. Chem Lab 1

    Purpose- The purpose of this experiment is to observe the reactions of common chemicals that are used in many of our household products. Procedure- First I set up my lab station with my two well plates and started getting all the chemicals I would need ready to get started. I first mixed

  29. Perfect

    1994 STANDARDS QUESTION #4 page 2 of 2 PAIR B. PROKARYOTES > EUKARYOTES (Maximum: 6 points) I. Evolutionary Overview: Endosymbiotic &/or Autogenous Theory (explanation of) II. Evolutionary Relationships / Evidence:

  30. Insect-Killing Fungi

    Over the billions of years of it's existence, all creatures on Earth have adapted and evolved in order to survive. While some are particularly fast, others are poisonous, and others have learned to survive in much more clever fashion. Fungi of the genus Cordyceps survive as parasites; feeding