Swot Analysis of Javanet Cafe

Swot Analysis of Javanet Cafe

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SWOT Analysis


The business plan of JavaNet Café fails to say if the manager, Cale Bruckner, has experience in business that qualifies him as manager material. Mr. Bruckner and his staff will have all management control, and no management control will be given to the investors. The business model is not complex, and the service offered is relatively easy to understand. The marketing for the business is not very powerful , but the noncompetitive nature of the marketing narrows down the target audience to more experienced internet users. A novice group of internet users would be a big target for such a business model. A large percentage of the population are internet capable, and novice classes for people who are lacking experience with computers would not really add value to the business as a whole. JavaNet Internet Café should target the advanced level of internet and technology enthusiasts to drive the value of the business also. The employees should be well trained in all areas of computer and internet usage. Technical support operators and network administrators will be huge assets to such a company. They will be a key players on the customer service and support team as they lend their knowledge to customers as problems or questions arise. The company’s financial plan is thorough and detailed. There are no questions about how well the company will be funded at start up. JavaNet’s success outline is nicely laid out but not overwhelming. JavaNet’s capacity to calculate future contingencies will be a major factor that determines its profitability and success.


The business model is severely lacking in creativity and should provide more advanced services to cater to a larger group of people than coffee drinkers and internet users. Perhaps adding a venue for internet gaming that would allow players of Multi-Massive Online games to be together to play. An addition such as this could be rented by groups at an hourly rate....

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