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Why Do People Attend College or University?

Why Do People Attend College or University?

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People of today find it essential to have a university education. Main reasons of this need, differ from one another. The most common ones can be listed as follows; 1-People want to have the furthest education to cope with the rapid growth in science. 2-They want to be qualified and versatile to have a good job. 3-They want to socialize and see how they take care of themselves without the help of their parents.
Needless to say that, the scientific and technological researches in the last decades changed our lives. For instance people were dying of leukemia not long ago. But scientists found a medicine to cure this illness. Apart from this a few months ago scientists went to Mars and opened te doors of a new world to us. As a last example today people are carrying their computers in their pockets unlike the computers of past which were placed in rooms. To sum up these improvements in science attract people’s especially the young ones’ attention and make them curious about the science of today and future. They may even be thinking of making their own inventions or discoveries.
Secondly, in today’s world it is a must to have a good education in order to have a good job which means a social status and good economical conditions. This reason of attending a university can be confronted frequently in the countries like ours. This is because of the economical conditions of the country and the race among the high young population to be the best to be chosen for a job with a good salary.
Finally, the youth who went to primary school and high school in their hometowns near their parents prefer to go to universities away from them for they want to feel free to prove themselves in the community. For example his parents used to take him to a doctor when he was ill but when he is away from them, he has to take care of himself and do everything alone. So he improves his problem-solving ability. Apart from this universities are...

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