Acc Development Plan

Acc Development Plan


Atlantic Coast Companies Development Plan


Yelena Paykina

October 20, 2008

ACC Development Plan

Now that the merger between the two companies is complete, Atlantic Coast Companies (ACC) will be able to restructure and implement the new team. This new team will consist of five qualified individuals including one first level manager. This proposal will outline the descriptions and qualifications for the five new positions as well as the training program which was designed to enhance and introduce the skills and qualifications of both new and current employees.

Evaluating both the individual and team performance is a critical step in the success of both the individual and the team as a whole. The evaluation process will touch on several important features including a progressive discipline process.

A fair and appropriate compensation plan will be discussed. Included will be the incentives and benefits packages along with strategies for managing employees’ career development. The new team will consist of five positions. These positions are Marketing Specialist, Training Coordinator, Qualified Compliance Instructor, Salesperson and a Sales Team Administrator. The Qualified Compliance Instructor will act as the first level manager for the team. The job descriptions and qualification for each position are:

• Marketing Specialist
o Will visit with clients bi-weekly to include new clients introducing the company. Responsible for contact with salesperson. Inform salesperson of contact made and schedule training sessions in accordance with existing schedules. Qualifications are previous experience in marketing, ability to carry on professional conversations and knowledge of products and services offered by Atlantic Coast Companies. Some college is desired but not necessary. The desire to succeed is mandatory.
• Training Coordinator

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