Announcements of Water Well Drilling Rig Operation

Announcements of Water Well Drilling Rig Operation

Operating considerations: water well drilling rig operation must be operated by personnel who has good healthy state and corresponding knowledge, and has the operation license; water well drilling rig shall not be in operation in the case no one takes care of; when water well drilling rig is without the use of the hydraulic system Planetary Concrete Mixer, screw machine’s switch valve of water well drilling rig shall be in the oil pump unloading position;

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when pull variable speed hand lever, operators have to cut off the clutch, after gear stops running, and then change shifting block making machine, in order to avoid breaking gear, and pay attention to fasten the handle; when combine the clutch, operators should be in smooth operation, and water well drilling rig should be banned to fiercely open and fiercely closed to avoid the clutch in a state of half joint; water well drilling rig is moved to the front limit position, tighten the clamp before and after the machine, and lock firmly the nuts to allow for drilling or ascending;

Due to accident, after chuck suddenly losses of pressure (such as loss of power, oil pump does not work or other mechanical hydraulic accident, etc.) Stationary concrete batching plants, operators should timely hold drill pipe or drill tools; during operation, operators should pay attention to the work condition of pressure gauge at any time, if there are any abnormal, it should be timely treated; often pay attention to whether each movement part with or without abnormal noise or high temperature; if there is a problem, it should be dealt with immediately.

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