Management for Water Well Drilling Rig Construction

Management for Water Well Drilling Rig Construction

Operators of water well drilling rig should be trained and qualified, and they must have related certificates. Used equipment should meet the needs of the construction. Before officially starting the water well drilling rig, commissioning experiments must be conducted and operators timely report the running state.

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Workers should prepare a detailed drilling process, water well drilling rig equipment must be operated regularly and in procedures, operators need to complete the construction record. If water well drilling rig fails to reach the design elevation during drilling process concrete mixing plant, it may not reverse or ascend up pipe. If you have any particular conditions that you would like to reverse or ascend drill pipe, drill pipe should be up to the surface, and the bit valve needs to open and close again. The operator should strictly control down speed and rotating speed of the screw drill.

Before the start of drilling, operators should carefully check if the core pipe’s the air cavity is obstructed, and if concrete hose joint is good, and if there are any distortions. In the process of pore forming, if operators find the drill pipe is shaking or slowly penetrating, operators need to slow the penetration to prevent the deflection of the pile hole, displacement and the damage of drill pipe. Operator who controls the pile machine and field control personnel should be cooperate closely small mobile crusher, and they should mainly control the pile length and subsoil layer according to the design requirements and fill drill geological profile.

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