Different Types of Water Well Drilling Rigs has Different Require

Different Types of Water Well Drilling Rigs has Different Require

Water well drilling rig industry is developing towards the more professional direction. On the way of development concrete batching plant suppliers, water well drilling rig wants to suit for different geological formations’ drilling production demand and improve the production efficiency of different scales. Modern water well drilling rig equipment is moving toward multi-purpose drilling rig, hydraulic transmission and control direction, whose development is faster and faster and makes the water well drilling rig equipment production technology become more mature.

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China has vast territory and complicated drilling geological conditions, and between eastern and western region, the development is extremely imbalanced. The western region still cannot completely drill the well with one kind of water well drilling rig, so multi-functional multi-purpose water well drilling rig equipment is suitable for the western region’s development demand, namely a water well drilling rig containing a variety of equipment and accessories.

In the mode of production, adopt DTH hammer, impact type Mobile Diesel Engine Crusher, rotary drilling and other different forms to drill wells and also use mud type washing well, compressed air washing well and positive and reverse circulation washing well method to conduct production. Different production technologies meet different production requirements, which greatly improve production efficiency concrete batching plant, and also let more water well drilling rig to contribute to national infrastructure.

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