Business Plan- Kitchen Cleaning Company

Business Plan- Kitchen Cleaning Company

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A+ Kitchen Cleaning

Corey Davidson
Summer 2013
Course Paper

A+ Kitchen Cleaning is an Orlando based company that details restaurant kitchens. We clean everything to look new including Fryers, Ovens, Grills, the hood ventilation systems, and even the walls and ceiling. We pull out all the equipment and clean behind all of the hard to get places. Restaurant kitchens get gross easily. Even with nightly cleaning it is important to get a full detail and hood cleaning at least three to four times per year. We come to the restaurant around 3a.m. so that we work during closed hours. We are great for last minute health inspection cleanings! We believe Orlando is a great location for our company because of the influx of different restaurants and franchises we can sign contracts with. A+ Kitchen Cleaning is completely ran by three of my friends and myself and is a great way for us to make some extra money.
Form of business
A+ cleaning is a partnership. Three of my friends and myself started the company during college and have seen it grow consistently over the past 2 years. We are a partnership because we started the business together. We all worked together at a restaurant that was extremely dirty and it gave us the idea to start our kitchen detailing business. We still all work and A+ cleaning is our side job. A partnership is the best choice for A+ kitchen cleaning because the four of us started and share our talents to run the company ourselves. We also have known each other since grade school so trust is not an issue.
A+ Kitchen Cleaning uses supply and demand in a unique way. We get our most business during the month of March and August. These months, after busy seasons, are usually when health inspections take place. Health inspections can occur up to two times per year in every restaurant. We have restaurants that have us come in every six months to ensure they are clean for their inspection. We usually keep our...

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