College Admission

College Admission

Why does one person or one organization have more power towards another?”
Why do we even need government?

Questioning-a essential process towards the understanding of the world. I’d decided to study law because I believe legal education would provide me the knowledge to analyze the framework which we are living in. For me, law is not a moral battle where we attempt to correct all wrongs in our society; but it’s the process where one begins to ask question, to look at why people do what they do, analyze the rationality, ultimately, share these thoughts with our community.

Beside I’m amazed by the flexibility of law in this ever-changing society, its relevant , passionate and touches every aspect of our life; from daily transaction to human affiliation.

Being a actively involve in my extra-curriculum activities has allowed me to develop leadership and communication skills. The experience of organizing event has shown to me mutual understanding, as well as recognizing different values and ideas, are the key to good leaderships.

In addition, I have volunteered to work as facilitator in children and youth camp (under Budhist Light International Association) for the past six year, mainly conducting short lessons and coordinate their activities. Through discussions and sharing sessions with participators, I realized I have a passion in helping and motivating others. I have come to learn that I have the ability to make a difference in any situation and I am eager to contribute my knowledge to the society,

With that in mind, I am certain that your institute is a place where I develop a commitment to myself and others by striving to be a better person. My mind is open and eager in the infinite quest to search for knowledge.

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