Extraversion Factors

Extraversion Factors

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Extraversion is a personality that shows dimension captures one’s comfort level with relationships. Extraversion factor includes at least five distinguishable components: Activity level (active, energetic), Dominance (assertive, forceful, bossy), Sociability (outgoing, sociable, talkative), Expressiveness (adventurous, outspoken, noisy, show-off), and Positive emotionality (enthusiastic, spunky). Extraverts tend to be more physically and verbally active whereas introverts are independent, reserved, steady and like being alone. Extroverts are gregarious, assertive, and sociable. Introverts are reserved, timid and quiet.
For an example, a sales executive should be an extravert. Their personality will directly affect their performance. They need to be active and outspoken when introduce company’s products and services to customers. Sociability helps them get more chances get sales contract when attending function. When received any complaint from customer, their personality also help them to appease customer and to prevent the situation from become worse.

At the same time, some extraversion factors such as dominance and expressiveness, contribute to unsuccessful event as well. For example, a dominant tend to influence others’ minds and make their own decision without concern others’ will. This will lead to communication gap and misunderstanding among the colleagues. A talkative person can always create an uncomfortable atmosphere in the working environment especially when sensitive, private and confidential issues, for instances, employee’s pay, bonus and incentive are being discussed among the staff.

An introvert is suitable for jobs, which do not require one to communicate with others, such as clerk, accountant, operator and technical personnel. For instances, a mechanic can concentrate on most one’s works based on expertise knowledge and less communication with customers are required. Besides that, works such as paper works and parts assembly...

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