Human resource Management

Human resource Management

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Difference between Personal and Human Resource Management
Human Resource Management is the method that provides direction for people who work in the firm or organization. Line manager of CARE Company can also be performed HRM works. HRM is an organizational function that contracts various issues such as hiring, organization development, performance, management, compensation benefits wellness, communication training, administration and wellness. Personal Management provides an organization to take challenging analysis of taking recent developments. Personal Management contributes various fields such as performance management, resourcing and planning, participation and involvement and training. The basic difference personal management and human resource management is personal management influences employees indirectly and human resource management influences employees directly. There are some differences remarkable, such as nature of relations, leadership and management role and contract with employees. These differences are eliminated by shared vision, corporate cultures and integrate business needs.
Huselid, (1995)

Human Resource Management is always thinking about the individual or personnel practices and managerial practices that affect the workforces. In the long term, all HRM function decisions that influence the workforce of the company. The HRM is widely known as personal management, as a process of managing people. In a still fluctuating world, which needs flexible, with powerful competition from closely each continent, because of increasing globalization, it is most of the important thing that most of the organizations have competitive edge. In most of...

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