human resource management

human resource management

LO 1. Understand the different between personnel management and human resource management.
LO 1.1. As new internship HR Assistace at Harrods, your new manager want you to distinguish between personnel management in small retail organizations practicing PM and human resource management at Harrods.
LO 1.2. Assess the function of the human resource management in contributing to Harrods purposes.
LO 1.3. Evaluate the roles and responsibilities of line managers at the Harrods human resource department.
LO 1.4. Analyse the impact of legal and regulatory framework on Harrods human resource management.

LO 2. Understand how to recruit employees.
LO 2.1. Analyse the reasons for human resource planning at Harrods.
LO 2.2. Outine the stages that Harrods can adapt in planning human resource requirements.
LO 2.3. Compare the recruitment and selection process at Harrods with another organization such as John Lewis, M&S or Sainsbury etc.
LO 2.4. Evaluate the effectiveness of the recruitment and selection techniques in the above two selected organizations.

LO 3. Understand how to reward employees in order to motivate and retain them.
LO 3.1. Assess the link between motivation theory and its reward with an application on Harrods Case Study.
LO 3.2. Research and evaluate the process of job evaluation and other factors determining pay with special reference to Harrods as your scenario.
LO 3.3. Assess the effectiveness of reward systems in different contexts with your references to Harrods.
LO 3.4. Examine the methods adopted by Harrods to monitor employee performance. Comment with any suggestions.

LO 4. Know the mechanisms for the cessation of employment.
LO 4.1. Identify the reasons for cessation of employment with special reference to Harrods in General.
LO 4.2. Research and Describe the employment exit procedures used by Harrods and compare it with any other organization of your choice.
LO 4.3. Consider the impact of the legal and regulatory framework on...

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