Human Resources Management

Human Resources Management

Lesson 4 Case Studies: Virtual assessment Corporation

MGT 510
Human Resources Management

January 31st 2015

National City Corporation’s Virtual assessment
National City Corporation is a multi-state banking firm and headquarters located in Chicago. National City Corporation has been named one of "The Top 100 Employers” by The Black Collegian magazine, and this corporation founded in 1845, is one of the nation's largest financial holding companies. 
This corporation using Virtual assessment simulations to select the right candidate for opening positions. That Computerized simulation of specific job related task known as virtual job try out to select the best candidate for the company. And this virtual assessment simulations along with audio and video applications and also this corporation expected to provide all the possible information about the position and the company through this online computerized application to the candidates who interested for the position as well as company wants to create positive and unique impression on applicants and helps build the employer brand of the company.Furher in different positions have to compete different tasks , according results corporation evaluate the results and choose the best candidate for the position.
The Pros And Cons Of Virtual Assessment For Employee Selection.
National City company using Virtual assessment for the future employment selection, which is very accurate and they believe that they can find the best fit for the requirements of the position. Further virtual job tryout includes the use of online applications, which are vital to the screening process. This virtual assessment job tryout has advantages and the disadvantages.
Sole idea for the virtual assessment is to find the best employee for the requirement of the position, in now a days considerable amount of business organizations using the virtual assessment for hiring process due to cost effective. When comparing to the...

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