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´╗┐Iowa Water Center

The earth is thirsty, our fellows are crying! In 2010, about 14%(884 million people) did not have access to an improved water source and had to use unprotected wells or springs, canals, lakes or rivers for their water needs. And what you may take for granted like continuity of water supply is a severe problem in many developing countries. As long as you are willing to change subtly to share your responsibility to the water sustainability, why not considering joining Iowa Water Center, an organization of scientific research. Add thesis statement that includes main points. Iowa State University serves as an example of the land grand university by serving the public good and the people of the state.

Background information

The Iowa Water Center, which is established in 1964, is a part of a national wide network of university-based water centers created to encourage interdisciplinary water research and the education and outreach needed to insure research results are applied to real world problem. This just completely agrees with the ideal of land-grant universities that must serve the public good and the people of the state. Today, there are 54 institutes or centers administered by U.S Geological Survey. At the same time, the National Institutes of Water Resources facilitates network activities and provides information about each institute. Also Iowa Water Center agreed on the policy that prohibits discrimination in all its programs and activities on the basis of race, color, nation origin, age, disability and where applicable, sex, marital status and so on.

Mission and goals of IWC

Once you come to the website of the IWC, your eyes will be grabbed to the slogan that says advancing the state of water knowledge and management. Corresponded with the mission of ISU, create, share, and apply knowledge to make Iowa and the World a better place, IWC takes understanding water resource and challenges to its sustainability as its mission....

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