Marketing Management

Marketing Management

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Resubmission – Marketing Management Essay

Student name: XIDONG CHEN
Student number : u1269275
Tutor : Mr Mohammed Mirza
Word count : 3104
Date : 6th Mar 2013

Toyota Case
As the senior marketing executive for Toyota UK, I am writing this report to make successful marketing strategy for a new and innovative Toyota product Yaris Hybrid.
Part One. Industry analysis
Macro level
Political/Legal | * The automotive industry is greatly subject to laws and governmental regulations related to vehicle safety, environmental matters and trading factors such as tariffs, trade barriers and taxes (Toyota Motor’s 20-F 2012). * The automotive sector benefits a lot from UK’s relatively stable political environment, which helps automakers avoid additional costs from the changes of policies. * Based on the remarkable contribution of the automotive industry towards UK’s economy and the huge suffering of this industry caused by the global financial crisis, on January 2009, the government announced the Automotive Assistance Programme to enhance the development of this industry. * The increasingly stringent standards towards vehicle emissions, vehicle fuel economy and vehicle safety put heavy pressure on automakers’ technology innovations. |
Socio-cultural | * The British society’s habits and tastes are gradually changing, causing the changes of consumers’ purchasing behavior. * The average size of British families becomes smaller and smaller, which makes the demand for large family cars shrink. * People are paying more attention to the significance of the environment and preferring “green products”. |
Technological | * UK enjoys an advanced technology level. * Technology development improves the productivity of automobile manufacturing * Technology innovation brings some substitutions to automobiles. *...

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