Marketing Management

Marketing Management

´╗┐Marketing Management
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Executive Summary

This report deals with a thorough study of marketing plan of a newly launched online degree course by La Trobe University. It starts with a short introduction of the university and the course that is being launched, followed by a highlight into the background of the education sector in Australia.
It further explains the situational analysis used that focuses on the internal factors that are crucial for an organization such as its resources, core competencies, vision, mission and objectives. Furthermore it explains the need of segmentation, targeting and positioning of a product or service. It also covers the market analysis and competitors analysis, followed by recommendations and conclusion.

Introduction 4
Situation Analysis 4
Resources 4
Motto 5
Current Vision 5
Strategic Objectives 5
Strategies 6
Customer Analysis 6
Segmentation 6
Targeting 7
Positioning 7
Market Analysis 7
Porter Five Forces 7
SWOT Analysis 9
Market Strategies 9
Target Markets 10
Marketing Mix 10
Product 10
Price 10
Promotion 10
Place 11
Competitors Analysis 11
Australia Institute of Business 11
University of Southern Queensland 11
Recommendations 12
Conclusion 13
References 14

La Trobe University has recently launched an online program for Master of Management with a core objective of equipping the students with the tools and skills necessary to develop ideas, to lead and manage business activities across government, corporate, NGOs and small and medium scale companies. The university is a multi-campus university based whose main campus located at Bundoora, Victoria, Australia. It offers world class study and teaching experience and academic research. Many of its courses are placements and projects centered, which are certified by professional association across Australia as well as...

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