Marketing Proposal

Marketing Proposal

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The research proposal begins with an overview of TPG functioning industries as well as current mobile network trends within them. The proposal progresses by describing the scope of business, specifically outlining company’s mobile service future market. To help develop the research, various situations are discussed, followed by an in-depth analysis of TPG’s market situation. The following pages also place TPG in the context of today's market and illustrate the next generation mobile development and different marketing products. The proposal attempts to combine research, analysis and recommendations to determine if their new mobile service can achieve great success as their internet market.
Table of Content

Introduction 1

Statement of opportunity 1

Research objectives 1

Plan of action 2

Identifying SWOT 2

Identifying Market Analysis 3

Identifying Current Mission 5

Identifying Research Opportunities 5

Conclusion 7

Reference 8


TPG, nearly twenty years after its foundation in 1992, began to consider taking mobile service to widen their market share. As of year 2008 August, TPG has spread to mobile service market in Australia.
TPG try their every effort to widen one step earlier than their competitors, not only because they could gain the first step advantages in short-run gains, but they seek the opportunities to experience more in expansions and enjoy long-term success in the mobile provider market.

Statement of opportunity

Due to the huge potential market in Australia, And their successful mobile virtual network operator experience with Optus. TPG is facing a very good opportunity to widen their mobile service to the next generation service. Their core members have been working on Telecommunication sector more then 10 years. They have developed and coordinate different solutions as internet provider all over Australia. It’s an opportunity to development their mobile service as good as...

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