My Community

My Community

“A community Where I Belong”

I found myself pondering what a community really was. While facing this assignment, I realized that I had many times ignored the meaning of what is a community.

After a few research of the meaning of community, I simply sum up in my own thoughts
and words that a community is a place where someone belongs. So where do I belong?

Looking back in the year of 1960, I was born in Manila, Philippines. As a baby and as a growing pre-schooler, I belong to a nuclear family with a mother and a father. As I started
going to school, I belong to a community of grade schoolers and later as I progress in my
educational years, I belong to the community of high school students.

The word community is so vague; people move around. I immigrated to Canada
and belong a new community, a new country. I left my old country where i belonged because of the political unsettlement, poor economy and I was living a dream to travel and see the world. I arrived in Canada in the year 1986 and I found myself living in a new community, a new country. At first, I have had the unfortunate experience to understand how a person can feel as if they don’t really belong. I immigrated to Canada to work as a companion caregiver. My community is a house where I reside and an employer to care for. It was a lonely place. I missed my old country. I miss my friends, my old community.

After awhile, I met a few Filipina ladies who been in Canada for years. I was integrated to
a Filipino association community where I found myself belonging to a community again.
I actively join in every occasions a dance, a small gathering of bowling game, a picnic, anything and everything that the Filipino association can think of. I realized I was having fun and having the opportunity to meet people. Not only the Filipino race but also of different races. The Filipino association had helped me to integrate my new found life

in Canada. Without the...

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