Oil press equipment attached frying machine reducer or belt transmission

Oil press equipment attached frying machine reducer or belt transmission

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Oil press equipment attached frying machine reducer or belt transmission:

Old clients recently asked our oil frying machine, one of the equipment is what kind of transmission device, actually this detail is not our concern, but in the production design is a very key elements, such as all previous oil vendors would basically use reducer to drive, but found later equipment production reducer after big enough always broken, so basic it later with belt drive.

Customers have a lot of is not understand mechanical, they love is the kind of speed reducer is because used, now replaced by the new belt transmission effect is better than that, but customers don't know what you have always.Production of palm oil processing plant (http://www.palmmill.com) more than 100 catties frying machine is not can't use reducer to drive, but need more reducer to drive, so in favor of the transformation of the speed ratio and load bearing.But we all know with greater speed reducer need to cost a lot, so use the belt to transmit to ensure that the roller.

For the reducer and belt transmission that better, see from the side, is the advantage of speed reducer can provide greater power conversion, the disadvantage is that noise is big, easy to bad, keep maintenance of deceleration motor oil, accounts and from the aspects of noise from the economy, now the oil press threshing station (http://www.palmmill.com/Products/prob/) equipment is the most exquisite bass, so from a development point of view is not scientific.And belt drive is the most advantage can satisfy most conforms to the operation, such as Fried 100 jins of raw material, belt pull more difficult point but does not affect the use.

Throughout the entire oil industry attachment frying machine and found a problem so the roller frying machine with a belt transmission device, the shadow of the reducer has become history, advantage of the comparison between the two depends on the demand of the customers themselves.

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