Program Agenda

Program Agenda

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Make It Count: Health Coaching Services

Wellness Coach

Coaching Agreement

Welcome! It is my pleasure to serve as your coach! I am excited about our journey as we work together to achieve the changes you would like to make. Please review the information below. If you have further questions or concerns in regards to the guidelines below, please let me know so that we are able to have further discussion.

Client name:__________________________________ Telephone#:______________________


Email address:________________________________ Work telephone:___________________

Commitment: I am serving as your coach because you want to make significant changes. These changes will sometimes happen fast and other times not. Because things happen over time, I request an 8 week commitment to the coaching process. This will allow the coaching relationship to develop and be a powerful force in your life. Upon completion of the 6 weeks, coaching will convert to a month-to-month agreement.

Fees: Individual coaching fees are assessed at $100 per month. However, your fee is being waived as a component of the Employee Wellness Program.

1. Please arrive on time for each session.
2. If you are unable to attend the session, please contact me in advance but not later than two hours prior to the start of the session. Contact can be made via email or by phone to reschedule a more appropriate time.
3. It is up to the client to reschedule the appropriate time for the sessions that are missed.


Following our first meeting, our agreement includes a five thirty minute sessions, for a total of six sessions (six includes the first session). We will establish a suitable time for both us. Please prepare yourself for an hour meeting for our first two meetings.


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