SimpliSafe's Target Marketing Plan

SimpliSafe's Target Marketing Plan

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SimpliSafe’s Target Marketing Report
BUSI 612 (D02) Marketing Promotions
David A. Gatti
Liberty University

This report will discuss SimpliSafe, Inc.’s Target Marketing Plan. The paper will begin by discussing the traditional and non-traditional way of business in the security systems security industry. SimpliSafe’s demographics, market segmentation and differentiation are discussed in detail. The firm’s appeal to consumers, industry rankings, market share and market analysis are then provided in explaining its current and future stance relative to trends within its respective industry. A brief conclusion offering biblical integration follows.
Keywords: demographics, differentiation, market segmentation, target marketing

SimpliSafe’s Target Marketing Report
Target Marketing
Target Marketing is a very significant part of any effective marketing plan today. Its use, accuracy and dependence can help to either make or break a firm. According to Alpert & Saxton (2015), “A fundamental principle of marketing suggests that optimal marketing effectiveness results from designing and positioning a product specifically to attract a particular targeted market segment” (p.307). This task of being effective with target markets will certainly apply to SimpliSafe who is fairly new to the industry and faces fierce competition like the giant named ‘Goliath.’
The Traditional Way
The security systems services industry offers a wide range of security services and products which include anything from 24/7 alarm monitoring to security guards services. Thousands of firms compete to gain businesses from small, medium, large, and extra-large residential and commercial buildings and properties. Of course, ADT Corporation, the leader in the industry (, 2014, p.2), caters to all of the above; they are, in fact, considered as the standard to model in the industry due to their...

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