Marketing Plan

Marketing Plan

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Marketing Plan
Andrew Weber
Marketing Management
Dr. Colbert
Strayer University
22 July 2012

Weber Ale is a unique craft brewery specializing in German and American fusion. Weber Ale combines the best of both worlds, the low calories of American light beers and the great taste of German beers. The following market plan will detail the target market, pricing strategy, and all other areas of business.
The target market for Weber Ale is males ages 21 to 35. The specific males targeted will be the ones that already consume other craft beers and live in the southeast. Males are the target audience for this market plan because males comprise the majority gender of beer drinkers. Weber Ale is located in Augusta, Georgia and part of being a craft brew means local production. Most craft beer drinkers are always looking for something new and Weber Ale will provide that. Although beer drinking as a whole is trending downward in the United States, craft beers have seen a steady increase in both sales and popularity (Richter, 2012).


Craft breweries such as Sam Adams and New Belgium have led the way in solidifying a set place in the beer market for craft beers. The market segment’s that Weber Ale will aim to secure are craft brew drinkers and import drinkers. A market segment is a group of consumers that share similar thoughts towards a brand (Iacobucci, 2012). Craft beers are superior in quality and taste to domestic beers and there is a devoted following to craft beers. By combining German flavors with American flavors Weber Ale will be able to gain a portion of the import beer drinking market. Weber Ale will be priced at 8 dollars per six pack and $14.99 per twelve pack. There will also be a large devotion to selling barrels of beer to restaurants and bars. There are many large “craft beer communities “ in the southeast and they all have numerous locally owned restaurants’ and bars that pride themselves in providing the best and newest in...

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