Marketing Plan

Marketing Plan

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A Sales & Marketing plan - Template

A marketing plan should be seen as a tool which helps – and forces – you to take a structured approach to marketing and selling your products or services in the cheapest and best way possible. ROI should be one of the key factors while designing a marketing plan.

This document contains two different templates which you can use to draw up your own marketing plan. They are:

1. Action plan for sales and marketing

This plan enables you to describe, month by month, how you will market your business. Once all the months have been filled in, you have a complete marketing plan for your business.

An example of a completed action plan can be seen on the following page.

2. Calendar for sales and marketing activities

This plan focuses on what you need to do and when. You will probably have a more detailed description of the various activities elsewhere. The text field is simply a heading for what you need to do.

An example of a completed calendar can be seen on page 3.

* Sales and market research

1. ABC analysis, where all customers or products are divided into three groups: A, B and C
An accounts for 80%, B for 15% and C for 5%.
2. Current marketing activities
Type, activity and effectiveness as well as conclusion.
3. Market assessment - Status
Geography, industries, customer types, purchase motive, competitors, technology, market needs and public requirements.
4. Market assessment - Future
Geography, industries and customer types.
* Future scenarios

How are the market and the business likely to develop? How will it influence sales and marketing? Will it lead to new needs, and how does the competitive situation look for the business's existing products?

* Sales and marketing strategy

Based on the above analyses, you decide on the segments, establish the customer’s purchase motives as well as the type of contact.

Phases before the sales and marketing plan
Action plan for sales and marketing for a...

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