Marketing Plan

Marketing Plan

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Business/Marketing Plan

1 Year Goals
Write $40,000 in premium from new business every month (Average of 1 home and/or auto policies a day)
Increase the agency’s name recognition and exposure in the community
Drive more people to our website

There are many ways that we plan to achieve these goals.
1. There are many car dealerships within a 10 mile radius of our office. We plan to go meet with each and every one of these car dealerships to introduce ourselves and let them know that we are in the area and explain the independent agency advantage and how we have many carriers that we can use to get their customers the best price on their auto insurance. We plan to be the agency that they can count on after normal business hours for their late night sales. In order to entice them to use us over an online carrier such as Geico or Esurance, we will offer a $5 gift card for every referral they send us that we write.
2. We plan to go to the real estate offices and offer the same incentive that we will offer the car dealerships.
3. In order to increase our name recognition and exposure in the community, we will be participating in events around the community. We have an event later this month that we will be attending and setting up a table (Fall Festival at Veterans Park in Hoover) where they had over 10,000 people last year. Every chance we get, we will be attending events to get prospects and get our name out.
4. We will be driving more people to our website by utilizing a marketing company that promises to have our agency’s business page at the top of the list on Google’s Map when searching key insurance terms. We have recently completely redone our website and have a detailed request a quote form where people can fill out all of their information to request a quote.
5. We have over 1,000 customers that we lost when we transitioned from an Allstate agency to an independent agency. Due to a non-compete clause, those customers were off limits for 3...

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