Marketing Plan

Marketing Plan

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5.0 Marketing Plan
A market plan is a written statement that outlines an organization's overall marketing efforts such as marketing objectives, strategies, and activities that should be followed on a business plan. Marketing plans have to provide a strategy and a long term or short term continuity profit for the company. A marketing plan can improve or change in the future so that it bring more profit to the company, help to achieve company’s goal and objects to maximize shareholders wealth. Marketing process can be realized by marketing mix 4Ps. 4Ps is Product, Price, Place and Promotion.

5.1.1 Product
Product is a combination of tangible and intangible goods and services that a company offers to the target market. Product or services should always meet and satisfy customer’s need and want. When developing products it is important that marketer should identify the core customer value that customer seek from the product only then design the actual product and find the way to augment it in order to satisfy customer’s experience and create the most customer’s value. For Season, we always concern and conscious about our Hot n Cold tumbler as Hot n Cold tumbler is a new product in the market.

Hot n Cold tumbler is not an ordinary tumbler it is a tumbler which can turn the water to hot and cold by pressing the button on the tumbler. The design of the Hot n Cold tumbler is different with other water tumbler. Hot n Cold tumbler consists of two buttons on the tumbler body which is button “sun” which can turns the water to hot and button “snowflake” turns the water to cold. To make it work, customer have to charge the tumbler first before used, tumbler and cable is all in one when customer purchase. We do charging instead of battery is because we want to make it convenient and saving cost on buying battery.

Hot n Cold tumbler is double walled thermos that is perfect to hold cold drinks without getting hands wet and hot drinks without burning fingers and...

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