Marketing Plan

Marketing Plan

2,500 words
Marketing 1,000 40%
Operations 1,000 40%

identify how you would create enhanced competitive advantage and/or a unique product or service offering for that product,

focusing on augmentation and differentiation.

This should include an assessment of the product or service life cycle using an appropriate diagram and a full SWOT/PEST analysis in tabular form.

segmentation: upper class passengers are mostly men from 35-45
business travel customers b/c company is on economy travel policy
economy customer base is more broad and is spread across most “socio economic groups and age ranges.”

targeting: virgin atlantic sees each customer as valuable and gives each one individualizes service.
“Virgin Atlantic has positioned itself as direct competitor to
British Airways on all routes.”
Spacious sitting arrangements, in-flight entertainment, high level of customer service.

Through communication, VA takes a customer’s expectations to the next level.
(in-flight ice cream) no one else offers
Marketing mix
Offers: upper, premium economy and economy

A comparison os Strengths, Weaknesses,opportunities and threats is a way to take an birdseye view of a multitude of informationand be able to compile it for study and contemplation.
Strengths: recognized by Britis Public
Novelties offered in-flight
Customers expect service
Trained employees recruited from other airlines
Returns and values are greater b/c load factor is better
Wins quality awards regularly

Weaknesses: flight delays
Limited destinations
Costs in providing amenities
Reliance on trans-atlantic fliers leaves them vulnerable to drop in demand to / fro US
Technology add ons
Web-site –can only get better
Fast growth could hurt.
Fuel price opportunities / weaknesses
Global recognition...

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