Spark notes

Spark notes

Design Report

What is the nature of the problem?
Who is it a problem for?
Where is the problem occurring?
What is the cause of the problem?

What effect is the problem having?
The nature of the problem is that the antique items and decorations are lacking identity, and because of that people are not that interested at buying antique items anymore.

It is a problem for those who sell antique items and historians who search for these items and People who are willing to buy the items.

It is occurring at today’s society where many people are losing interest for antique items.

It is because people are not giving not giving proper source/info about the item, such as if someone found a jewelry from the medieval times and he just calls it “rare old jewelry” not so many people would be interested in buying it.

The items are lacking an identity because of this problem.

Research plan
Where is the data sourced from?
Are these data primary or secondary?
Which sources are essential and desirable?
The data will be sourced from the internet, books, museums and people.
Books, museum and people are primary while internet is secondary.
I find internet the most essential source while museum is desirable.

There have been many different types of decorations in the history whether it can be jewelry (necklaces, rings, and bracelets), paintings, mosaic arts, sculpture, etc. Here I will compare and contrast some of these examples and find out what I want to make.

Greek rings aka signet ring
Roman rings
Persian rings
A signet ring is any ring with a monogram, or a sign on the top middle of the ring. They often have a gemstone placed on the head.
Similar to the Greeks this ring also has a monogram drawn into the top center of the ring.
This ring has a different ring design on the ring itself while the similarities are the monogram on the top center of the ring.


Modern necklace

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