The Importance of Positive Behavior

The Importance of Positive Behavior

Dillard 1

Management Behavior
Caron Dillard
University of Phoenix
HRM 531

Dillard 2

November 1, 2008

TO: Supervisory Team
FROM: Caron Dillard
SUBJECT: Importance of Positive Behavior

After a recent team meeting I am pleased to inform the team of InterClean’s future plans to acquire Enviro Tech, a major domestic competitor in the corporate market. This acquisition aligns perfectly with our new service based strategy. Over the next 120 days we will be working to integrate 60 Enviro Tech sales and operations staff into the Inter Clean organization. During this transition, it is imperative to remember the importance of behavior that managers exhibit, especially in times of change. The three areas that I want to touch on with the team are how behavior impacts productivity, ethical management practices, and tips for working in a diverse environment. Below I will outline key tips in each area, reminding each of you how important managing through change is to our future.

During this period of change, it is extremely important to stay focused on our strategic objectives. As we strive to change our culture, employees will look to you for direction and guidance. The commitment to achieving our strategic objectives while optimizing the usefulness of all workers, will undoubtedly help keep attitudes positive. Please remember that employees will be looking at your behavior as an indication of what is to come. Our future is extremely positive and managing through change with positive behavior is an ongoing process. During this process I want each of you to focus on rebuilding employee loyalty while continuing to focus on improvements on quality of processes. Additionally, I want to encourage you to bring any concerns you have to my attention. I want you all to feel very good about this change and the opportunities it brings to each of you. Lastly, please remember how important it is to maintain a...

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