The Volatility of Abortion

The Volatility of Abortion

Abortion is without a doubt one of the hottest and most politically divisive topics

of the day. Burned and bombed abortion clinics across the country serve as indications of

the volatility of the issue. Loaded words and imagery are constantly used tactics to

persuade, dissuade, and defend positions on abortion. Political aspirations have been both

dashed and edified based on the hopeful’s pro-choice or pro-life delineation. The abortion

question is without a doubt hot! Abortion is not an issue that grew overnight. It has a rich

history in this country. Abortions, legal and illegal, existed before the twentieth century.

Reproductive issues and women’s rights are the larger precursor issues that gave

momentum to the abortion debate long before Roe v. Wade. This bibliography will

explore the history of abortion both from a factual and legal context. Technology will

create new questions of morality in the abortion debate to keep company with the

traditional questions that are still very undecided. The abortion issue has long turned on

what is moral and right. Many argue that what is right and proper are man’s constitutional

liberties, while others argue that what is right is the sanctity and preservation of life, and

many others argue the several shades of gray that lie between. This bibliography will not

seek to decide such mammoth concerns, but will provide arguments for some of the

infinite thoughts and expositions on the morality issue. For multitudes of American

people, morality is to some extent a function of religious beliefs (and/or vice versa).

Religion, for those who practice or believe in one, is usually a very personal experience

that shapes one’s attitudes. Not only do religious beliefs have the potential to affect

attitudes and practices regarding abortion, but so do race and ethnicity. The abortion story

is often told from the eyes and experiences of the majority...

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