unit 3 p4

unit 3 p4

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P4 Task 4
Describe the features and functions of the various types of information systems available on the market. Give at least one example of each type of system.
(i.e. TPS, MIS, ES/DSS, Expert)
(Describe the purpose, persons; hardware, software, connectivity)

Control/ feedback loops, closed or open system
TPS (Transaction Processing Systems) - Payroll
The Payroll system is a basic TPS system. The purpose of payroll system is to make sure that the staffs receive the correct wages amount for the hours they worked for. The payroll system is used to record, store, modify information on a daily basis, also the payroll system is software based. Wages clerks input data provided by supervisor of dept. The computer hardware should be able to run the software’s and handle the volumes of data which are put through the system. . Software which is installed in the system must have features and functionality to provide the information which is required by the organization.

hours worked
The employee data.
Sick pay
Personal duty

Calculating hours of the employee works.
Calculating Tax
NI number
Holiday pay

Management reports.
Documents for government.
Wages slips
To individuals bank account
TPS is open system.
MIS (Management Information Systems) – Database System
This is information system at management level of an organization, which is used to provide for planning, where it will provide a routine summary.
An example of this can be annual budgeting, if we look at Mia’s sandwich business, she deals with management information system since she has to work with staffs wages, check if the stock is up to date, MIS is useful for planning purposes of higher management staff. This is used to report on existing operations in order to plan for future events.
Material Planning.

The processing part of the MIS is the simple models.
Summarise data...

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