Oil Well Drilling

Oil Well Drilling

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1.1. Background

The economies of all industrialized and emerging nations depend on petroleum resources; not only for transportation but for thousands of products we all use on a daily basis. Together, oil and natural gas allow us unprecedented mobility, help generate our electricity, and are used to produce everything from fertilizer to synthetic clothing to product packaging and countless other items.

Each year, more and more fuel is needed for the ever-increasing global transportation needs and the demand for natural gas climbs as more and more homes are built. As a result, the demand for both fuels continues to increase.
From the moment mankind discovered petroleum seeping from the earth's surface we have sought after ways to put it to use; early on as pitch for canoes and fuel for lamps. But modern methods of drilling for oil revolutionized the use of petroleum, and it all began in Titusville, Pennsylvania as a result of the determined efforts of Colonel Edwin Drake.
With oil seeping at the surface as an indicator of more below, Drake decided to drill for the oil using an old steam engine to power the drill. In 1857 and again in 1858, Drake had limited success, extracting a maximum of 10 barrels of oil per day. This, however, was not enough to a commercial enterprise. When attempts to dig huge shafts in the ground failed due to water seepage, Drake decided to drill in the manner of salt drillers using a cable–tool system.

After Drake's breakthrough success, many moved to Pennsylvania to drill for oil, and Drake became a legend in history. The cable-tool drilling method was in common use until the 1920's.

1.2. Definition of Oil Well Drilling
"An oil well is a term for any perforation through the Earth's surface designed to find and release both petroleum oil and gas hydrocarbons."
1.3. Purpose of Paper

The purpose of this paper is to highlight & describe the basic principles of oil well drilling engineering. It...

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