Women Driving in Ksa

Women Driving in Ksa

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First of all, the government is not ready to let women drive. The people are not yet ready to let the women drive, and the economy (although benefitting from car retailing) would suffer because of the lack of interest from immigrant countries for working hands. We are all women here today. So let me ask you a question. Are you at all concerned about your safety when so highly drunk by the rush of the idea of driving? Do you not see that the society’s attitude in Saudi Arabia hasn’t changed much in the past 15 years? And it won’t change in a matter of weeks or days or seconds. Our argument focuses on the practicalities of us driving like traffic jams, accidents, car breakdowns, driving in remote areas, etc. (And I say US because just like you I am a woman that has been deprived of my choice to drive).

Now opposing for the motion, we will not use the “close the door to corruption” excuse. What we are trying to say is that people should think logically and ask “How do we make our society better so that women could drive safely in our country?” It is a matter of starting education campaigns in schools, mosques, youth centers, and every public venue! Not to mention billboards, TV advertising etc. 
The whole infrastructures of our roads (especially parking spaces) need to be redesigned. Driving schools for women set up, traffic police retrained, traffic rules and regulations revised etc. etc. We all know it can’t happen overnight! And we all know that the general Saudi mentality just isn’t ready to accept women driving.
This is a topic on the impact on demographics, culture and economic situation of Saudi Arabia once women are given car keys. Before we get to the three key players in this matter, we must tackle these questions: The Right to Drive, The Reason to Drive, Changes in Demographics and Employment, Cultural Reforming, and The Global Community.

Driving will lead women to leave their homes a lot, whether they need to or not. This...

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